Top Ten List Concluded: Why We Grapple…


We sweat, strain, get injured and spend money in order to roll around on the ground with men wearing pajamas.

(Or worse: men wearing spandex…)

So why do we do it?  What’s behind this bizarre fascination with grappling?

In ‘Blood, Sweat and… Sparta!‘ I take a stab at answering these questions.

And then, in a sister piece that doesn’t have much to do with grappling, I go off on a wild tangent (‘Bears, Belugas and an Offshore Tide on Hudson Bay‘.

These are the last two entries in the Top Ten Grapplearts Articles List that I’ve been sharing with you over the last little while. And even though I cheated by linking to two articles in one blog post, I still suggest that you check them out at the links below:

ARTICLE 1: Blood, Sweat and… Sparta!

ARTICLE 2: Bears, Belugas and an Offshore Tide on Hudson Bay

P.S.  The original blog comments for these articles were lost after a Facebook update.  But it’s fixed now, so please add your voice your opinion to the conversation in the Comment With Facebook’ section at the bottom of each post.

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