Two Interviews


Michael Jen

Whether it’s because of following his posts on, or being influenced by his trend-setting instructional videos early in my BJJ career, I feel like I’ve known Michael Jen for a long time even though I’ve never actually met him!

Michael combines a meticulous approach to technique with iconoclastic thinking, and I’ve now got a short interview with him up on

The Jon Chaimberg Interview

Late last night I finally managed to interview Jon Chaimberg who is GSP’s conditioning coach. I quizzed him mercilessly about the techniques, details and philosophy of MMA conditioning; in fact I don’t think I’ve ever done such an in-depth interview!

As you may recall, before I did this interview I asked you guys what you wanted me to ask him. Thanks to everyone who contributed – I think I managed to sneak about 80 to 90% of your questions.

Here’s a link to that interview with Jon Chaimberg, the man who put GSP through his paces for a lot of years!

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