Wallid Ismael-style guard passing by Andreh Anderson


Andreh Anderson is a brown belt under Rey Diego at (www.reydiogo.com). Here he kindly shares the details of one of his favorite guard passes.

Andreh says: “Let me say that I don’t know if this is the exact pass Wallid uses. I never learned it from him, but I have seen him do it many times and I tried to catch all the details. The technique works really well for me.”

Wallid Ismael-style guard passingIn the first pic we started with him having one underhook.

Wallid Ismael-style guard passing 2I pummel for the underhook with my right arm and place my forehead in between us to make some space.

Wallid Ismael-style guard passing 3Next I drive my forehead into his chest and flatten him out. I then lock his hips with my elbows and turn my head to the opposite direction from the side I want to pass.

Wallid Ismael-style guard passing 4I then drop my hips to the mat and straighten my leg on the side I want to pass. My elbow blocks his leg from bending in and recovering that hook, and with his legs killed from my hips, he can’t lift to sweep.

Wallid Ismael-style guard passing 5

Here is another angle of the same step.

I am now going to straighten my right leg back before bringing my right knee up to his shin: this frees it from the hook

Wallid Ismael-style guard passing 6

Here I pass my right leg back and drive my right knee into his right shin to trap that leg against his body (although the pic was taken as I was doing it and not at the completed step).

When your hips are dropped low, you angle them down to the left(so that your left hip bone is almost touching the mat). You cant do this when your hips are up though because it will make it easy for him to sweep you.

Wallid Ismael-style guard passing 7I then slide over his leg and continue the pass, my left hand is now blocking his leg from recovering the guard. I stay as low as possible. If he tries to hip escape, it actually helps me, and I block hiship immediately with my right hand. Otherwise, I continue the pass and drive my right knee up to his hip once I am past his right knee.

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