The Ultimate Guide to the Guillotine Choke in BJJ

The guillotine choke is a powerful submission in BJJ, no gi grappling, and mixed martial arts.

At first glance it seems like a simple submission – you just wrap your opponent’s neck with your arms, pull up and squeeze, right?

Not so fast…

There are a LOT of subtleties that you need to master before this submission starts being reliable for you, especially if you don’t spend 4 hours a day in the gym doing biceps curls…

The first, and most important subtlety to grasp, is that the guillotine is both a position and a submission. And you need to master the positional aspect first; learn to maintain the guillotine, control your opponent and stop him from escaping and then it becomes much easier to choke him out!

In this article Rob Biernacki of The BJJ FormulaThe Modern Leglock Formula, and fame breaks down the guillotine as a control position AND as a blood and air restricting submission that’ll force your opponent to tap out or go unconscious.

In Rob’s guillotine module below you’ll get…

Different variations of the choke, including high elbow, arm-in, five finger, front naked choke, and Rafa Mendes style guillotines Drills that’ll teach you how to control the guillotine position and always be able to transition from bottom to top Entries to catch the guillotine on your feet and on the ground (bottom and top) Transitions and variations to choke out your opponent if the initial guillotine attack doesn’t work And – seriously – a LOT more!

Scroll down, check it out, and bookmark this page so you can come back it – it’s a pretty amazing set of videos!

Stephan Kesting

Intro to the Guillotine Control

Here’s you’ll learn about the critical importance of using the guillotine choke as a control position before using it as a submission to tap out your opponent! Bottom line: don’t proceed with the submission aspects of the guillotine until you can go from bottom to top position at will.

Guillotine Control Scheme

Here’s why you shouldn’t just jump the guillotine and squeeze.  You’ll learn the basics of the guillotine control position and using the chin-strap to control the head, using extension and rotation to weaken his posture.  Also covered is using the … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to the Guillotine Choke in BJJ