Guidelines for Opening Up Jiu-Jitsu Academies During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Last Updated 05/18/2020)

Everyone is itching to train again, and for many jiu-jitsu school owners opening up is a matter of financial survival.

That’s why I talked to Dr Chris Moriarty who has published a 6 phase process for reopening schools and getting back to training during the coronavirus pandemic.

He’s a sports medicine doctor with a strong interest in coronavirus and COVID-19 who has done countless hours of research and thinking about the reopening process. But he also understands the unique challenges presented by jiu-jitsu because he’s a BJJ black belt and a former active competitor.

We recently sat down to review his suggested steps and guidelines for safely re-opening jiu-jitsu clubs based on the reopening guidelines released by the Trump administration (scroll down for that conversation, and a bit further down for his guidelines in written form).

Stephan’s Note

Ultimately we have a choice about how we reopen our gyms.

If we do it irresponsibly and cause a localized outbreak then that would be terrible for the sport, possibly causing a backlash that would shut down more gyms for much longer.

The best way to get back to normal as fast as possible is by demonstrating that we’re being responsible and taking every possible safety precaution.

Even if you believe the coronavirus threat is mostly overblown there are still¬†good reasons to listen to the conversation and look at the guidelines below.¬† Here are two good reasons why…

Depending on your jurisdiction you may need to have precautions like these in place in order to open up legally and avoid fines or other penalties If you don’t do something to reassure your students then a significant number will either a) avoid training or b) go to the other club down the road where they are taking precautions. How to Open Up Jiu-Jitsu Schools Again Safely and Comply with Federal Guidelines

Here’s my in-depth conversation with Dr Chris Moriarty as a Youtube video…

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