New Self Defense Focussed Module for Your iPhone or Android Phone

The Self Defense Guard for iPhone and AndroidPeople have been asking for me to include more self defense material on the Grapplearts BJJ Master App.

And, as always, your wish is my command!

The Self Defense Guard – a 2 module instructional for iPhone and Android – is now the newest module with the Master App.

I did this instructional together with BJJ black belt Elliott Bayev.

In it you’ll get the techniques and strategies from the bottom of guard that are most useful in a real fight.  From defending yourself against strikes, to getting back to your feet, to choking your opponent out or sweeping him and getting on top, it’s all covered here.

The funny thing is that if you improve your guard as a self defense tool then you’ll also improve it as a position for BJJ in general.  Anything that’s good for self defense is also good BJJ

Here’s a video to give you a better sense of what’s included in the Self Defense Guard module…

Now having this information on your phone is a super useful format because then you’ll always have it with you.

Stuck in line at the bank? Sitting on the bus?  Waiting for someone to finish their shopping so you can go?  No problem! Just whip out your phone and improve your BJJ and self defense skills!

Notice that I keep on saying the word ‘module’ instead of the word ‘app’?

That’s because the Self Defense Guard is one of the modules available within my Grapplearts BJJ Master App.

The Grapplearts BJJ Master App is 100% free to download.

Once it’s on your phone you can preview every module before you make a buying decision. And there are more than 457 minutes of free BJJ instruction that come with the BJJ Master App too.

So if you’re interested in learning how to use the guard properly when someone is above you raining down punches, kicks, headbutts and elbows I would download the Grapplearts BJJ Master App for free right away.

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