Strength Training for BJJ

Brandon Morgan is a high level powerlifter who trains, coaches and competes out of the Kabuki Strength gym with Chris Duffin in Portland Oregon.

In this episode we go deep into strength training and conditioning for combat sports drawing on his personal experience as a wrestler and training MMA athletes to be bigger, stronger, faster, and more injury resistant.

Strength Training for BJJ with Brandon Morgan, in Video Form

Here’s the video of my conversation with Brandon where we go  into the nitty gritty of putting together a strength training program for combat sports…

Some of the highlights include

00:51​ – Introduction to Brandon Morgan 03:10​ – Styles of powerlifting 06:36​ – Brandon’s background in wrestling 12:50​ – Conditioning for jiu-jitsu and mma fighters 17:19​ – Programming for optimal progress 26:32​ – Dealing with injuries 34:16​ – What is good form for lifting 39:13​ – Breathing and bracing for lifting and combat sport 48:12​ – Starting a strength and conditioning program 50:15​ – The role of coaching 56:55​ – Recovery process after maxing out

Strength Training for BJJ with Brandon Morgan, in Audio Form

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