How to Train When You Have No Time

Whether you’re working a full time job, a parent with a couple of kids, or a student juggling a crazy class schedule, almost everyone is really busy these days.

And if you’re also trying to squeeze regular training into that busy schedule, well, things can end up in the ludicrous zone pretty quickly…

I’m no exception: of course I’m running Grapplearts, training in BJJ and trying not to fall too far behind on my conditioning, but I’m also a full time firefighter, have a couple of kids, and – until recently anyway – was responsible for homeschooling those two kids half time.

Anyway, life wearing all those different hats is exciting at best and exhausting at worst!

Along the way I’ve picked up some tips for continuing to train and improve in the martial arts when time is super limited that I’d like to share with you…

To get my best tips about training when training time is super limited you can…

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Everyone is Busy!

Everyone is busy and we all wish we had more time but time is limited. Every day is 24 hours so we get 168 hours a week. That’s it.

If we consider the eight or so hours we spend sleeping each night, that leaves just over a hundred hours a week and, if we’re at work full time, we lose another half of that, give or take.

That leaves us with 50 or 60 hours a week for whatever else.

Many people squander much of that time watching TV shows like “Dancing With the Stars”, “Westworld” or “Game of Thrones” and, while that last one is well worth-watching, it’s still … Continue reading How to Train When You Have No Time