Dealing with Ludicrous Strength

A reader writes:

Q: “Do you have any advice on how to deal with guys who are ridiculously strong? I’m not necessarily referring to grapplers who are bigger than you, I’m referring to guys that are so strong that when they grab you it’s like a death grip.”

A: I believe that I have already addressed this issue in two previous tips: How to Beat Any Opponent, Honest, and The Larger, Stronger Opponent. Hopefully these two mini-articles will give you some good ideas on what to try when faced with larger grapplers.

Another option is for you to check out the 5 DVD set I filmed with 3 x World Champion Emily Kwok. It’s full of techniques, drills, strategies, and tips to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent.

If you like being able to carry around your instructional videos then it’s also available as a set of 5 apps for your phone or tablet (the same app can install on both – no need to buy it twice).




Emily faces opponents much stronger than herself every single time she steps onto the mat to train, as well as in competition (she has done really well competing in the open division).  So you get the benefit of  her personal experience when she’s teaching this stuff.

Plus she’s a born teacher, which makes it very easy to learn from her and add this stuff to your game right away.

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