Dynamic Kneebars

This exciting new video covers all aspects of the kneebar. It will take you from white belt to black belt level for one of the most versatile and devastating locks in submission grappling, NHB and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The kneebar is Stephan’s favorite submission, and he has spent many years researching and developing his kneebar game.

In the 89 minutes of detailed instruction, you will learn:

Important kneebar strategies principles and variations

Over 30 entries to this submission, from all positions

Over 20 counters and re-counters, to make you a complete fighter

4 important drills to make the kneebar instinctive and effective

The 5 best strengthening exercises for powerful kneebars

Tons of competition footage to show you how these techniques are applied under pressure

As is the case with all Grapplearts products this video is professionally edited and packed with information to improve your ground game. We are confident that if you compare us on a dollar-per-useful-technique basis that you cannot do better than this video

Almost twice the length of most other instructional videos, this professionally produced DVD has a full menu for easy navigation.

Add a whole new dimension to your game by purchasing Dynamic Kneebars.

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Testimonials for Dynamic Kneebars

“Plain and simple if you want to learn kneebars inside and out then you owe it yourself to watch this DVD.”

From a review of this DVD on White Collar Jiu-jitsu

Stephan himself is an excellent instructor; he knows how to teach just as well as he knows the moves he is trying to get across to you.”

From a review of this DVD on Fighter’s Review

“This video is a must for anyone looking to improve their lower body submissions”

Professional NHB Fighter
BJJ Black Belt

“I highly recommend Stephan’s videos. He’s a very dedicated student and his BJJ knowledge and teaching skills are amazing. I’m always relaxed about my classes when I have to travel because I know that the students will have the same level of instruction when Stephan is teaching. He is one of the few students that I trust in 100% to teach my classes. He’s the “Mad Scientist” of our jiu-jitsu lab.”

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 6th degree Black Belt

“Your video on kneebars is outstanding and quality is top notch. Thanks.

Owner, Columbia Martial Arts
1995 WKA North American Champion

“Dynamic Kneebars by Stephan Kesting is excellent. Dynamic Kneebars’ production is well done. It has a nice set, good camera work, clean audio and tight editing. The DVD also has a complete menu so you can jump to the exact information you want…”

Read the entire review posted on Whitebelt.org

“I started training the techniques on your DVDs. Great stuff! Excellent!!”

Head Coach, Sparmax Academy

Kneebar Leglock from half guard

“Over the holidays, I had a chance to view Stephan Kesting’s DVD that covered kneebars. Especially as an instructor, I really liked this instructional video for the following reasons…”

BJJ Black Belt

“The Pandora’s Box has been opened on kneebar secrets- I’m saying right here this is the single best instructional I have seen – period. This DVD has a point by point breakdown of how to make your kneebars as tight and effective as possible as well as LOADS of advanced entires into kneebars. Some of the setups are advanced fancy,..but let me say that I personally have been caught and tapped to most of these setups in live training. They work.”

BJJ Blue Belt
Judo Brown Belt

“Stephan Kesting’s Dynamic Kneebars is unique in that it is a stand alone DVD that is not part of a huge set, and concentrates on one major submission extensively…”

Read the whole review on MMARingReport.com

“Grapplers who know Stephan Kesting have been eagerly waiting for his Dynamic Kneebars DVD for some time. Now that I have a copy, I can see what all the anticipation was about. No one teaches kneebars like Stephan teaches kneebars…”


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Stephan Kesting – Leglock Expert

If you’re going to learn leglocks, you should learn from an expert. Someone whose knowledge extends from the minute details that make a leglock 200% more effective, to the big picture of leglock strategy and tactics.

Stephan Kesting IS such an expert. Stephan has learned from some of the best leglock pioneers in North America, and has taught leglock seminars to competitors hoping to develop secret weapons for the next tournament. His articles have appeared many times in Ultimate Grappling, Black Belt, and Ultimate Athlete magazines, including several ground-breaking articles on the correct execution of leglocks. He has also been interviewed on the topic of leglocks by the Fightworks Podcast (listen to, or download, that interview here).

Add a whole new dimension to your game by purchasing Dynamic Kneebars!

On Sale for $44.95

dynamic kneebars dvd

High Percentage Leglocks

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