Grapplearts Submissions App for Android!!!


The first Grapplearts Instructional app for Android devices is finally here!

Apps are such a great tool.  They give you a way to brush up on your skills when you’re on the go, on the bus, stuck in a bank lineup, whatever.

Now I’ve had some bestselling apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch available for quite a while.  But the requests for Android apps started almost the first moment that I released an iPhone app.

So Android apps have been on the radar for a long time.  But it turns out that the huge diversity of Android devices makes developing multimedia apps for Android much more difficult than apps for the relative simplicity of the Apple universe.

However after much trial and error and a fantastic effort by my programmer and small army of beta testers, I now think we’ve got a quality product that’ll work on the vast majority of Android devices out there.

Grapplearts submissions features forty two high percentage submissions, broken down using step-by-step video instruction.  And every technique includes advanced details that make the techniques work against quality opponents.

Click here for more information about Grapplearts Submissions in the Google Play store.



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