My Default Cardio Workout

Some people say that you should change your conditioning workouts on a weekly or even daily basis; “you have to shock your body” they say. I believe that there is some truth to this, but I also think it is important to have a routine, or a constant workout that you do repeatedly.

Let’s talk about my default cardio workout. To do this workout I run a trail over gently rolling hills near my house. Close to the end of the trail is a park where I usually stop and do two sets of pullups. After the park I have 5 more minutes of running uphill and then I’m headed for the shower. All in all it takes me about 25 or 30 minutes to complete the run, and I usually do it once or twice in an eight day cycle.

Do I think that one should vary one’s conditioning routine? Absolutely! Do I believe that sprint work is important? Yes, especially close to competition! So why do I do this same workout again and again? Here are some of my reasons:

  1. By doing the same workout periodically I have an objective measure of fitness: if it takes me over 30 minutes then I am either out of shape, tired, or getting sick.
  2. It maintains my aerobic fitness, which is the base for your anaerobic fitness (see one of my early articles for background information on aerobic and anaerobic fitness)
  3. It conditions my body for more intense training, such as stair running or intervals
  4. I don’t have to think or plan this workout: I just go do it.
  5. If I am not feeling energetic I can do this run slowly and still achieve some base aerobic conditioning.
  6. I enjoy it: running a trail through the forest is quite relaxing

Until next week…

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