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BJJ Formula 4 DVD Set

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The BJJ Formula is a four volume, eight hour masterclass taught by BJJ black belts Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting.

This is a totally revolutionary approach to BJJ that will allow you to hack Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and become an effective grappler much faster.

In this set two experienced black belts take you through the most effective techniques in BJJ as well as the underlying concepts, breaking things down into bite-sized pieces making it easy to learn and retain the material

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In The BJJ Formula you’ll get a step-by-step breakdown of the most effective techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  These are the exact techniques and strategies proven in the highest level competitions in the world.

But there’s a twist…

Yes, you’ll be learning lots of techniques in this instructional.  But the ‘glue’ that holds everything together, the thing that makes this material so quick to learn and easy to incorporate, is the emphasis throughout the set on the underlying concepts and principles of jiu-jitsu.

These concepts are the keys to the kingdom in BJJ.  If you learn the concepts that govern the top game, bottom game and back game then you’ll start getting better faster, retaining techniques easier, moving more efficiently, and start beating bigger and more experienced people.

Mechanical principles like leverage, framing and movement don’t change from position to position.  These principles are the same everywhere, and once you know them you can apply them throughout your game.

Every technique, every transition, and every strategy in this instructional is based on those fundamental principles.  We’ll show you exactly how those principles apply and how to use them so you can then apply them in other situations.

Jiu-jitsu isn’t some sort of magic and doesn’t require extreme strength, speed, or athleticism. Instead it’s a struggle between two people using positioning, leverage and momentum.

The person who uses these concepts better has a HUGE edge over his opponent in BJJ.

  • The BJJ Formula Instructional has more than 8 hours of instruction…   
  • The regular price (if any copies remain after the initial sale) will be $147, but is only $77 during the new release period…
  • You’re covered by a unconditional, 365 day, all-your-money-back guarantee if you don’t like it for any reason.

Here’s what’s on each of the four disks in The BJJ Formula set…


BJJ Formula DVD 1 - Core Concepts of BJJNo matter what position you’re in on the ground, all techniques rely on concepts like base, posture, structure, leverage, framing, and control of momentum.

In Volume 1, BJJ Core Concepts (1 hour, 33 minutes), you’ll learn how to apply these concepts directly to your grappling, with many concrete examples to shortcut your way to the top.

Jiu-jitsu can be complicated at first because there are thousands of different techniques including armlocks, chokes, sweeps, escapes, guard retention movements, guard passes, etc.

It’s certainly possible to learn BJJ by memorising more and more techniques – many people have done exactly that – but it’s a slow and inefficient process that takes years.

You’ll get better much faster if you start with an understanding of the underlying concepts and principles of grappling.

Once you know them you’ll start looking at BJJ techniques in a whole new way. No longer will the techniques be a long series of steps you need to memorise; instead they’ll become applications of the same few concepts again and again.

Most of what makes elite BJJ competitors so good is that they make minute adjustments to their body positioning on the fly, often without conscious thought. Usually these grapplers have achieved this understanding through years of training and competing with the elite of the sport.

BJJ Core Concepts gives you the formula for decoding and replicating exactly what’s happening with these elite level grapplers. Once you understand what’s going on in their ’hidden’ jiu-jitsu you’ll automatically start making the same adjustments in your own training.

This is your scientific and systematic guide to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu focusing on the underlying principles and concepts of the art.


  • Series Introduction
  • Introduction to Core Concepts
  • Base, Posture and Structure
  • Frames and Levers
  • Posts and Force Vectors
  • Momentum and Center of Gravity
  • Position vs. Alignment
  • Proxy vs Direct Control
  • Direct vs Lever Based Rotational Control
  • The Placeholder System
  • Primary and Secondary Submission Theory
  • Choke Mechanics
  • Joint Lock Mechanics
  • “No Such Thing as a Scramble”
  • “No Such Thing as a Counter”
  • A Unified Theory of BJJ
  • An Adaptable Problem Solving Algorithms
  • Core Concepts Conclusion


BJJ Formula DVD 2 - Guard and Bottom Game FormulaVolume 2 of The BJJ Formula – The Guard and Bottom Game Formula – contains more than 2 hours of in-depth BJJ instruction.

It covers sweeps, submissions, counters, combinations, escapes, and gives you an entire guard pass prevention system!

It’s a complete, scientific and systematic guide to the guard, which is the most complex position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

There are many different guard positions and variations, and each position has hundreds of techniques available to you.  Trying to memorise each of these techniques is a losing battle.  It’s all too much to remember, and it’s too slow to access all that information in the heat of the battle.

But if you understand the underlying principles and concepts of the bottom position then it makes learning the guard MUCH easier.

So you’ll learn techniques faster and remember them easier if you start with the principles and concepts that underly all of jiu-jitsu.

You’ll learn how to control your opponent from the guard, how to prevent his guard passes, and proven attack formulas to sweep or tap out your opponent.  You’ll get our entire guard formula.

If you’re fighting a quality opponent then you’re rarely just going to catch him with ‘a technique’.  Chances are that he already knows whatever technique you’re going to use and knows how to counter it.

Therefore before you sweep or submit him you first have to significantly disrupt his body alignment.  Only once he’s out of alignment and unable to defend effectively do you launch the actual attack to finish him.

We’ll start with exactly how how to control your opponent from the bottom to set up your attacks and to prevent him from passing your guard.

Next you’ll get a complete guard retention system: these techniques will make your guard virtually impassable no matter what kind of guard pass your opponent uses.

Then you’ll learn how to sweep and submit your opponent, even if he already knows the techniques you are using.

This isn’t just theoretical: we’ll give you many powerful tools to destroy your opponent’s alignment.  Once he’s in a bad position finishing the sweep or submission will become almost an afterthought.

And then there’s one more thing…

You can learn all the techniques and concepts you want, but if you can’t apply them then they’re just useless knowledge.  That’s why we’ve also added revolutionary new drills that’ll internalise many of these concepts and have you attacking your opponent like an advanced player after just a few sessions.


The BJJ Guard and Bottom Game Formula contains two hours and 8 minutes of in-depth, filler-free instruction. Here’s exactly what’s covered…


  • Introduction to the Bottom Position
  • Range Battles

The Four Types of Guard

  • Clamping Guards
  • Hooking Guards
  • Framing Guards
  • Hybrid Guards

The Three Phases of Guard

  • Engagement Phase
  • Maintenance Phase
  • Retention Phase

Guard Retention

  • The Two Layers
  • Frame and Hip Escape
  • Frame, Turn Away, and Half Granby
  • Frame, Turn In, and Full Granby
  • Collar Tie Series
  • Lever to the Shoulder
  • High Leg
  • Frame and Knee Bump to Underhook
  • Spine Frame
  • Double Biceps Ride
  • Elbow-Knee Connection
  • Movement Demo

Guard Recovery

  • Frame and Hip Escape
  • Lever to Half Guard
  • Turn-in to Wrestling Takedown and/or Turtle

Breaking Alignment and Attacking Your Opponent

  • Base
  • Posture
  • Structure
  • Lever and Hip Control
  • Dealing with Defensive Low Opponents
  • FYJJ Introduction
  • FYJJ Sweeping Drill
  • Sweep Completion
  • Bottom Position Conclusion


BJJ Formula Volume 3: Guard Passing and Top Game FormulaVolume 3 of this set – BJJ Guard Passing and Top Game Formula – delivers a 1 hour and 42 minute cradle-to-grave masterclass on passing the guard and dominating the top position until you tap out your opponent.

The material is arranged in logical, easy-to-follow chunks. Master one technique, then come back later when you’re ready for more.

You’ll get a complete gameplan to dominate your opponent, complete with the techniques, tips and tactics used by high level BJJ players everywhere.

A Step-by-Step Method for Passing Any Guard and Dominating the Match from the Top Position 

  • There’s a TON of material here: 1 hour and 42 minutes of filler-free instruction
  • Easy adjustments to keep you safe from sweeps and submissions in the guard.
  • Gripfighting strategies to get control while denying your opponent his favourite positions
  • Guard passing techniques that rely on science and leverage instead of strength and athleticism
  • The recovery tricks used by world champions to stay on top no matter what their opponents do on the bottom
  •  How to stabilise the top position while keeping your hands free so you can attack your opponent
  • How to systematically break your opponent’s base, posture and structure to open up submission opportunities


The volume contains one hour and 42 minutes of instruction. Here’s exactly what’s covered…


  • Introduction to the Top Position
  • Range Battles

Sweep Defense and Recovery

  • Base, Posture, and Structure Review
  • Controlling Momentum
  • Active Posting
  • Denying Levers
  • Switching Base
  • Rolling Through Lever Control
  • Establishing Guard

Passing the Guard

  • Hip and Lever Control Guard Passes
  • Opposite Corner Control Guard Passes
  • Submission-Based Guard Passing
  • Passing Theory
  • FYJJ Guard Passing Intro
  • FYJJ Guard Passing Drill

Adaptive Guard Passing

  • Introduction to Adaptive Guard Passing
  • Hip Switch
  • Top Spin
  • Windshield Wiper
  • The Hop
  • Cobra Against the Granby

Top Control Theory

  • Introduction to Top Control
  • The Checkpoint
  • Control the Toes
  • Block the Hip
  • Levers to Hip and Shoulder
  • Knee On Belly Hub Position
  • FYJJ Top Control Intro
  • FYJJ Top Control Drill

Attacking from Top

  • Breaking Alignment
  • Alternating Angles
  • Top Position Conclusion


BJJ Formula Volume 4: Back Attacks FormulaThis volume – The BJJ Back Attacks Formula – gives you a step-by-step formula for taking your opponent’s back, staying on his back, and choking him out from there.

It’s a 3 hour and 20 minute cradle-to-grave masterclass on the most dominant position in all of BJJ, submission grappling and MMA, all on a single DVD!

The material is arranged in logical, easy-to-follow chunks. Master one technique, then come back later when you’re ready for more.

You’ll get a complete gameplan to dominate your opponent, complete with the exact techniques you need to know.

If you know what you’re doing and take someone’s back then the fight is most likely going to be over very soon.

But getting to the back is an art that few people master…

And staying on the back against an opponent determined to escape can be tricky…

Plus once you start trying to finish your opponent from the back he’ll be defending like crazy.

Fortunately there are steps, techniques, and strategies to help you with all of this. You just need to know what they are, and then life in the rearmount gets MUCH easier.

Help is on the way with The Back Attacks Formula DVD.

By the end of this volume you’ll have a step-by-step formula for getting to, maintaining, and finishing from the back position against quality opponents.


There’s a total 3 hours and 20 minutes of instruction in the ‘BJJ Back Attacks Formula’ app, so you’ll be getting a lot of value from this instructional!  Here’s exactly what you’ll be learning:


  • Introduction to the Back Position

Rearmount Core Concepts

Once you learn the back attack concepts and you’ll get the maximum benefits out of all the remaining strategies, tactics, techniques and tricks covered later in the instructional

  • Rotational Control
  • Staying Behind the Defense
  • Weak and Strong Side

Creating the Turn

There are many ways to take an opponent’s back, but one of the best ways is to get him to turn. In this section you’ll learn in-depth how to turn your opponent (or get him to turn for you) in many different grappling positions.

  • Armdrags
  • CHFF
  • Turn Away During Passing
  • Kimura Control
  • Mount to Back

Controlling Rearmount

In this section Rob and Stephan go into detail about how to glue yourself to your opponent’s back so that he can’t shake you off or escape.

Also by using the correct techniques to maintain rearmount you’ll be much more efficient than your opponent, conserving your energy while he burns out and quickly gets exhausted.

  • Chest to Back Control
  • Chest to Hip Control
  • Total Body Control

Establishing Rearmount

This is where the rubber meets the road. In this section we cover the highest-percentage methods to take the back used by all the top grapplers in the world in step-by-step detail.

  • Chair Sit
  • Barrel Roll
  • Low Hook
  • Chasing the Granby
  • Spin Behind

Escaping the Turtle

To become a back attacks master you’ve gotta know what your options are from the bottom of turtle. This is for two reasons…

First of all, what if you get stuck in turtle? You’ve got to know how to get the heck out of there and back to safety!  Secondly, if you’re on top of a turtled opponent and recognise which escape technique he wants to use then you can ruthlessly shut it down. You’ve got to know the technique to counter the technique.

  • Granby Roll
  • Robson Hook
  • 2 on 1 Guard Sit
  • Judo Roll

Breaking the Turtle

OK, now you’re on top of turtle and it’s your opponent’s turn to suffer. Here’s exactly how to break him down and expose his back!

  • Spiral Ride
  • Lead Knee Jam
  • Rear Knee Jam
  • Clock Choke
  • Horse Collar

Advanced Back Takes

If you’ve been following competition BJJ then you’ll know that top competitors have been developing some groundbreaking and very powerful ways to take the back. Here are the top ones being used right now!

  • Lever Mechanics
  • Rolling Back Take
  • Berimbolo
  • Mendes Roll

Escaping Back Mount

If you’re trapped in rearmount you need to know how to get out of there! And if your opponent is trying to use these techniques on you then you better be ready for them…

  • Shoulders to Mat
  • 2 on 1 Turn
  • Body Triangle Escape with the Leg Lever
  • Scooting Down
  • Lever Control

Resetting the Back

This section is about how to counter your opponent’s attempts to escape your rearmount. This is the secret sauce that creates world class back attacks.

  • Butterfly Hook
  • Taking Mount
  • Transitioning to the Truck
  • Twister Hook Resets
  • Drilling Back Movements

Finishing from the Back

The whole point of BJJ is to submit your opponent. Here are the very best ways to do that from rearmount, broken down for you into easy-to-follow steps and principles.

  • Handfighting
  • Rear Naked Choke
  • Finishing Gi Chokes
  • Reverse Ezekiel / Arm Triangle
  • Kimura Control
  • Back Position Conclusion

The Best Guarantee in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

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BJJ Formula 4 DVD Set

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This is a great set.  I learned a lot making it, and I’m sure you’ll get a ton from it too!

Stephan Kesting

Please note that The BJJ Formula is also available as a series of four downloadable apps for Apple, Android and Kindle devices.