The Complete Grapplearts Anthology


A complete tool kit for grappling mastery

The Grapplearts Anthology is a collection of every instructional product available on Grapplearts.  And it’s a TON of material; it includes:

  • 25 precision-manufactured DVDs that will play anywhere in the world
  • Over 800 techniques broken down in complete detail
  • 26 downloadable video lessons and accompanying PDFs
  • More than 70 hours of top quality video instruction
  • 6 downloadable books and step-by-step guides with hundreds of tips, tricks and drills
  • 1 high gloss reference poster

In fact there’s probably too much material here for most people, but I decided to put it together anyway because I hear from many serious grapplers who initially just wanted to pick up one or two DVDs on a particular topic but then ended up eventually collecting every single Grapplearts instructional.

I’ve produced a lot of material over the years it can be hard to keep track of everything that’s available.  So putting it all together like this makes it easy to get everything all at once (and save some money at the same time).

Who is the Grapplearts Anthology for?

If you’ve only just discovered my material and then, realistically, the complete collection is probably NOT for you.  Not right away anyhow…

If you’re new to the site, or just starting out on your grappling career, then maybe just sign up for the free Grapplearts newsletter and try out some of my iPhone/Android apps.  This will allow you to first see if you like my approach to teaching BJJ and grappling, and whether there’s a match between your learning style and my teaching style.

But here are some situations where The Grapplearts Anthology might be right for you…

  •  If you already like my stuff, are serious about grappling and could use a decisive edge in your training…
  • If you teach grappling and are looking for a constant well of new, easily teachable, material to keep your students progressing and happy…
  • If you’re a BJJ widow looking for the ultimate gift for that jiu-jitsu fanatic in your life…

This is a comprehensive package that addresses every aspect of grappling on the ground.  A super-convenient bag of tricks that’ll give you answers to almost every problem you’ll encounter on the mats, plus lots of easy-to-learn secret weapons that you can incorporate into your game.

 What’s in the Complete Grapplearts Anthology?

In the Anthology you’ll get ALL the instructional materials that are currently available from Grapplearts.

The Complete Grapplearts Anthology includes all of my individual DVDs and DVD sets. It also includes all the books and downloadable lessons from the Black Belt Concepts Course.  Of course you’ll get all the bonus videos, books and DVDs that I include with those instructionals.  And finally, while I’ve got them in stock, I’ll also include two limited edition items.

Here’s the complete list of what you’ll get in this collection…

Roadmap-Gold-Package (Five discs and Two Instant Downloads) Build a solid foundation for your entire BJJ career with the Roadmap for BJJ Package.This comprehensive package includes 5 instructional discs, an expanded version of the Roadmap for BJJ Book (more than 100 pages of step by step photographs and instructions) and Unlocking BJJ where Stephan Kesting and 11 other BJJ experts give you their very best tips for getting good at BJJ as FAST as possible.


How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent with Emily Kwok (Five DVDs) World gi and no-gi champion Emily Kwok shares her proven techniques, drills and strategies to protect yourself against bigger, stronger grapplers and tap them out in How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent, Series 1. This best-selling DVD set received rave reviews from satisfied customers who found that it finally unlocked the puzzle for this difficult area of grappling for them.


5-DVD-iSeries2 (Five DVDs) In How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent, Series 2 world champion Brandon ‘Wolverine’ Mullins takes you through the exact techniques and gameplans he uses to win competitions and deal with bigger stronger opponents on the mats every day. The material in this set complements what Emily presented in Series 1 without being at all redundant.


How-to-Defeat-Bigger-Stronger-Opponent-No-Gi-DVDs (Five DVDs) In How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent, Series 3 Emily Kwok picks up where she left off in series 1 and goes even deeper into the art of defeating bigger stronger opponents. This set focuses on the techniques, strategies and tactics that allow you to compensate for size, strength and athleticism when you don’t have the gi to control your partner..


BB concepts 26 lessons1 (26 Downloadable Video and PDF Lessons) Learn advanced techniques, strategies, tactics, tips, and training methods over 26 downloadable lessons in the Black Belt Concepts Course.  This is my flagship instructional product and it WILL make you a better grappler.Think of it as a collection of magic bullets that you can use again and again on the mats.


 Advanced-Techniques-and-tactics-DVDs-and-case-192 (Five DVDs) Get an instant edge by owning 13 Techniques You Can Use on the Mat Today and then take it to the next level with the four Advanced Techniques and Tactics videos.In these DVDs I pull back the curtain and share some of my personal favourite techniques. These are the moves I rely on when I’m facing a particularly tough opponent, and so I’m sure they’ll work for you too!


3D-Guard-Sweeps-Package-192 (Two DVDs)  The Guard Sweeps Package; a guard-game-in-a-box that includes the Dynamic Guard Sweeps DVD and Dynamic Half Guard Sweeps DVD.  This 2 DVD set covers more than 180 attacks, counters, followups, drills and strategies to give you a complete, comprehensive bottom game.


Leglock-Package-DVDs-300 (Two DVDs)  Add plug-and-play leglock attacks to your game with High Percentage Leglocks and Dynamic Kneebars. This 2 DVD set includes more than 160 setups, finishes, combinations, counters and drills that will plug into your game and give you tons of instant leglock options.


My-MMA-Case-and-DVD-and-books-Rendered-192 (One DVD plus Two Instant Downloads) Learn how to adapt your jiu-jitsu for the ring and the street in My Mixed Martial Arts with Pride FC star Denis Kang. Learn how to seamlessly blend striking, strike defence, takedowns, submissions and the ground and pound game.  This DVD also comes with the step-by-step guide Cutting Weight and Beating the Scale by renowned strength and conditioning coach JC Sanatana, and Anatomy of an MMA Training Camp in which Denis Kang, Georges St Pierre and Erik Paulson share their fight preparation secrets.


Unorthodox-Attacks-Package (One DVD plus One Instant Download) Get the element of surprise on your side with the little known but high percentage techniques in Unorthodox Positions and  Attacks.  Learn how to blend high-percentage positions from Sambo, Judo and Combat Submission Wrestling with your BJJ, and then ambush your opponent with highly effective surprise chokes, armlocks and leglocks.


 Drills-3D-case-and-DVD-and-index-192 (One DVD plus a Drills & Workouts Index) Speed up your progress with 83 sports-specific solo and partner drills in Grappling Drills. The exercises in this DVD make it easy get the repetition you need.  Learn to drill properly and, before you know it, you’ll have executed hundreds of repetitions of the most critical and important grappling techniques.


Omoplata DVD and Case rendered (One DVD)  Diversify your guard game and frustrate your opponents with the original Grapplearts instructional: Omoplata and the Dynamic Guard.  Learn how to set up the Omoplata from almost every position and how to finish it against different types of resistance by skilled and stronger opponents.  


Yoga for martial arts case and DVD (One DVD) Become stronger, more flexible, and master your breathing with a step-by-stepworkout tailored specifically for grappling in Introducing Yoga for Martial Arts.  This is a collaboration between myself and my favorite yoga instructor – Josephine Krizovensky – and requires no previous Yoga experience.


Tight-makes-Right-Poster-m Limited Edition – Available only while supplies last: The Tight Makes Right Poster will make the seven most powerful attacks in grappling bulletproof for you.  I only have a few copies of this 3 foot tall, limited edition glossy reference guide available – when they’re gone I’ll remove mention of it from this page.  It’s suitable for lamination or framing, and uses both text and pictures to guide you through the right and wrong ways to do the Rear Naked Choke, Armbar, Triangle Choke, Americana, Kimura, Kneebar and Straight Ankle Lock.


closed-guard-sweeps-DVD One DVD – Limited Edition – Available only while supplies last:  Closed Guard Concepts is one of my favourite BJJ instructionals.  It was created by my friend and BJJ black belt Andreh Anderson and when he was selling his stock I happily snatched up the few remaining copies because I knew it would be good for my audience.  This almost 2 hour DVD covers advanced sweeps and submissions from the closed guard, with special emphasis on showing you the timing and strategies that make these techniques work against high-level opponents.


I want to emphasise that there’s minimal overlap between these different products.  I DON’T just cover the same material over and over. And put together these instructionals will blend seamlessly into an integrated game that’ll give you answers for every position you’ll encounter on the mats.

How much does the Complete Grapplearts Anthology cost?

When you add it up, in the Complete Grapplearts Anthology you’ll get over 70 hours of my very best video instruction on every aspect of grappling.  Plus you’ll also receive books, reference PDFs, a poster, guides on how to cut weight and prepare for matches, etc.

If you were to order everything separately it would cost you $1,407.50, and with shipping that would easily come to over $1,500.

But if you order everything all at once in the Complete Grapplearts Anthology I save on shipping and handling costs, and I’m planning on passing those savings on to you.

Stephan-in-BJJ-GiThe regular price of the Anthology is going to be  $1297.  But if you order right now then I’ll knock that price down to $897 and throw in free shipping too.

This is a total savings of over $500 for you.  Given the quality and quantity of the information you’re going to get, I think that this is pretty great deal!

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Stephan Kesting

P.S.  Remember if you’re interested in getting over 70 hours of my very best instruction, receiving the two limited-edition items, and saving a bundle at the same time please act soon.