Training Around

My head is spinning. I just got back from 7 days in Los Angeles, attending an Indonesian Silat training camp taugh by no other than Dan Inosanto. I also got to train with Erik Paulson and Vladimir Matsushenko and learned lots of great material, both on the ground and standing. As if this wasn’t enough, tonight I attended a 4 hour Carlson Gracie seminar. Talk about information overload!

The reason I bring this up is to make a point: take advantage of training oportunities when you have the chance. If you are travelling and end up near a jiu-jitsu academy pay the drop-in fee and see how they do things.

I’m not in Los Angeles very often, so when I do get there I try to make the most of it.

Now I should give you fair warning and tell you that some instructors will take offense at you doing this, but this is really a shame.  You broadening your horizons, meeting new people and making yourself a better grappler by occasionally training with other people DOESN’T take anything away from their skill, ability or reputation as instructors.

In fact, it’s just the opposite…

A rising tide lifts all boats.  And you training around actually improves their school because you’re going to bring new knowledge home with you.

So here’s my official permission to go and have some guilt-free fun at other schools when you’re on the road.  And feel free to blame me if your instructor takes offense.  Tell him that Kesting gave you a free pass!



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