Which Grapplearts Instructional DVDs are the Hottest Right Now?


Just in case you want to see what’s hot, as of December 2011 the most popular instructionals right now are:


The most popular DVD set of the entire year has undoubtedly been “How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent” that I filmed together with multiple-time world champion Emily Kwok.

Trust me – there is SO much good material in this set, including techniques, drills, strategies, tactics, tricks, tips and training methods.

And all of it is designed to allow you to handle yourself against bigger, stronger opponents when you run into them in training or in competition.

(Since filming this material with Emily I’ve started incorporating a lot of her techniques into my own game, and they all work brilliantly!)

==> www.grapplearts.com/biggerstronger/index.php

Of course if you’re a regular reader then there’s a good chance that you already own the Emily Kwok DVDs. But if you liked them then you might also like one of these top selling sets…


The Black Belt Concepts Course is my flagship product.

If you like learning techniques, but ALSO want to know how to choose the right technique at the right time, how to do the little tweaks and adjustments that black belts do automatically, and have a method for making techniques easier and faster to remember, then you’ll LOVE this course.

In the course I show you my the highest percentage moves. These are the ones I use all the time when I’m rolling (both with or without the gi).

This training consists of 26 weekly lessons that can be viewed online, downloaded to your computer, synched to your mobile device and/or read as a PDF document.

And you also get 5 physical DVDs of additional advanced content that perfectly complements the concepts, techniques, drills and strategies being taught in the course itself.

More info here:

==> www.grapplearts.tv


The Butterfly Guard and X Guard are modern guard positions that totally get away from the old ‘lay and pray’ closed guard strategies.

They are favorite positions of Marcelo Garcia (who has been a huge inspiration to me and is actually Emily’s main teacher right now).

Whether you want to use the half guard offensively as an attack position, or you just want to know what to do when your opponent has almost gotten past your guard and you’re just barely hanging on with the half guard, you NEED to know what to do from half guard too.

The techniques in the 2 DVD Guard Sweeps Package dovetail together to give you a very powerful sweeping and attacking game.

The DVDs are packed with tricks, techniques, drills, and strategies. Together they’re over 4 hours of material that will keep you learning for a long time. (I just got an email from someone who’s still referring to the first DVD, 5 years after he first bought it!)

A complete guard game in a box:

==> www.grapplearts.com/Guard-Sweep-DVDs.php


The theme of the year seems to be how to get an edge when you’re smaller, weaker or less experienced than you opponent…

I’ve always said that leglocks are the great equalizer. If you’re going against someone who’s been a BJJ black belt since before the first UFC, then – hands down – your single best chance of tapping them out is by using a leglock.

And the same goes for size…

A TON of David vs Goliath grappling matches have ended suddenly when the smaller guy saw a leglock opportunity, jumped on it, and tapped the big guy out.

Finally, the leglock game meshes EXTREMELY well with the Single Leg X Guard position that’s recently becoming so popular (and is a core position in the Emily Kwok DVDs). Keeping your opponents guessing whether you’re going to sweep them with the Single Leg X Guard, or tap them out with a lightening quick leglock, is a very good combination.

High Percentage Leglocks will give you a rock-solid leglock game, including the ability to attack with AND defend against some of the fastest, most effective submissions in the grappler’s repertoire.

I’ve sold this one DVD for as much as $49.95. But if you use ‘XMAS’ at checkout that’ll drop that down to $33.71.

More info here:

==> www.grapplearts.com/High-Percentage-Leglocks.php

Take care

Stephan Kesting

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