3 Ways to Close the Distance in a Streetfight

bridging the gap in a streetfight

BJJ is a great fitness activity and a wonderful sport. But at it’s core Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is still a martial art.

The word ‘martial’ is defined as “being related to fighting or war“. And that means you have to be ready throw down should the s**t hit the fan out there in the cold, cruel world.

Sometimes in a street confrontation you should run away, sometimes you should look for improvised weapons, sometimes you should punch and kick, and sometimes your best option is to grapple.

To get into grappling range you need to pass through the punching and kicking ranges. And crossing the danger zone is way more dangerous if you don’t know how to do it correctly.

Here’s a 4:52 video I made on 3 ways to safely and effectively close the distance (aka ‘bridge the gap’) in a streetfight.

I suggest you watch this video. And, more importantly, actually train these three attacks once in a while. They could save your butt some day.

Hey, let’s be careful out there,

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