A Cool X Guard Drill and Sweep

Clark Gracie doing an X guard Sweep

In recent years the X Guard has become one of the bread and butter positions in the open guard repertoire. It’s an incredibly powerful position, both in gi and no gi grappling (click here for an intro to the X Guard).

There are a ton of great techniques, sweeps, and drills that revolve around the X guard, but today I want to share a new drill with you that I recently learned from Clark Gracie in the basement of a friend’s house.

This drill was too useful to not share with you guys so we shot a quick video explaining it, and also breaking down a powerful X guard sweep as well.

If you can put up with the not-quite-studio-footage quality of the 5 1/2 minute video below then I’m sure you’re going to learn something really cool.

Include this drill in your training and you’ll be spinning into X guard (and then sweeping your opponent) from all kinds of new positions in no time at all.

Wait, before you go…

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