Slump Busting

sparring with Vlado 1

Training slumps can be very, very frustrating. Maybe your training partners are all kicking your butt, and guys who you used to manhandle are giving you a run for your money. If you’ve ever had this experience, and it lasted for any length of time, then you know what a slump is.

Slumps are due to different things.

Sometimes it is because you are overtraining and burned out. In that case you should take some time off and relax.

Sometimes it is because you haven’t been training enough and/or hard enough. In that case you should get your ass in gear and train more often, longer and harder.

Sometimes it is because your game has become stale – your training partners have all figured out your game and the counters to it. Time to start working on a different game, or find new setups for the techniques that have always worked for you.

Sometimes it is because your game is all over the place and without focus. You are trying so many different things that you have become a jack of all trades and a master of none. Time to focus your game and concentrate on only a few sweeps or submissions.

As you can see it is impossible for someone who doesn’t know you to diagnose why you are in a slump. Be honest with yourself and try to figure out why it isn’t all working for you. Once you understand why you’re having the problem the solution will be obvious.

Good luck

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