Technique 1: Triangle choke to Omoplata


The omoplata can be an attack in its own right, or a great followup to another technique.  Here Stephan shows you how the omoplata can be used to salvage a failed triangle choke…

Stephan attacks his opponent with a loose triangle choke. His opponent counters the choke by wrapping his right arm around Stephan’s left thigh, preventing the choke from tightening.
Triangle choke to Omo Plata photo 1
He controls his opponent’s right elbow with his left hand, opens his legs and pivots 180 degrees to his left. Stephan’s left leg kicks through his opponent’s right armpit. He then triangles his legs to secure his opponent’s shoulder (not shown).
Triangle choke to OmoPlata photo 2
Stephan sits up, driving his opponent to the floor and flattening him out. He releases the triangle and finishes the Omo Plata lock by rocking his weight forward.
Sangaku Jime to Umo Plata photo 3
For more techniques and background on this attack check out the article “Revolutionary Omoplata.”

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