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BJJ private lesson with Gordo

Recently I published an article on my blog by one of my very first BJJ training partners, Mark Mullen, talking about the private lessons he, as a black belt, took when he was in Brazil.

Almost as an aside Mark mentioned that he had received permission to film some of his private lessons.

Since then quite a few people have gotten in touch with me to ask what they would have to do to see the video footage of these lessons…

Well I have good news for you!!

Mark and I put our heads together and created a brand-new playlist (i.e. a collection of videos) on my otherwise long-established Youtube channel

We’re calling this particular Youtube series “BJJ Field Reports.” The idea is to share techniques, instructors, tips and tricks from around the world.

There are only a couple videos in there right now (including Gordo’s bread and butter closed guard pass, and a really fun half guard sweep) but we’ll be adding more soon.

IMPORTANT: I won’t necessarily be sending out emails or creating a new blog post for each new video to this particular playlist. So if you don’t want to miss new videos in this series then hit the red subscribe button on the playlist page or on any of my video pages.

It’s fast, it’s painless, and – most importantly – youtube will let you know whenever we add a new video to my Youtube channel.

Here’s the link for the new videos, straight from Brazil:

==> Click here for the brand-new (and growing) BJJ Field Reports Playlist on Youtube

And remember – click ‘Subscribe’ when you’re on that page in Youtube!


Stephan Kesting

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