3 Drills for Passing & Defending Butterfly Guard

butterfly guard drill

Drilling is critical to skill development in BJJ in general, which is why we talk about it so often in this blog (click here to see some past articles about drilling).

Drilling and technique repetition become even more important if you’re dealing with a position like the butterfly guard. This is because the butterfly guard can be a very fast-paced game with much less time to think about your techniques or to react to your opponent’s moves.

In situations like this having having good instincts is invaluable. And there is no better way to develop your instincts than by doing lots of repetitions, training your body to react automatically.

The best way to do lots of repetitions is to find a good drill that makes training fun and painless.

In the video below my friend Ritchie Yip shares three of his favourite drills for passing and defending the butterfly guard. Do these drills and you’ll start cutting through the butterfly guard like… well… a hot knife through butterfly.

Check it out:

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