Double Leg Shoot vs. Right Cross

A lot of MMA fights have been won by someone shooting a double leg takedown just as their opponent throws a big right cross…

Black faces off against White, deliberately baiting the punch by holding his hands low, exposing his face. Double leg tackle vs the right cross 1
White throws the cross, black ducks, changes levels… Ducking the right cross 2
…and shoots forward, head on White’s left hip and cupping both his knees. Shooting in with the double leg tackle 3
Black lifts and turns his opponent… Lifting after the double leg shoot 4
…slamming him to the ground and establishing side control. Side mount control after a double leg takedown 5
From side mount he pops up to knee on belly and begins a barrage of punches. Kneemount and punches after a double leg tackle 6
For more background on how MMA mixes striking, wrestling and the ground please read The MMA Formula, which is the parent article for this technique.

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