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Fusion Mixed Martial Arts

BJJ, Judo, Wrestling/submission wrestling

Instructor: Mong Phu

Instructor's teachers: Mohammad Khorrami (Judo/Wrestling): Shihan Michael Monaco (Kyokushin Karate): Darwin Miranda, ajahn Suchart Yodkeripauprai, David Crawley (Thai Boxing) Check website for more info

School Location:Sayokan Karate Academy - 2nd Floor 52 Williams Street Lyons, NY, 14489 Right above Dobbins Drugs Store Across the Step of Faith Dance Studio, Clyde NY, Ontario, USA,

Contact Information:
Ph: 315.923.3703

 Fun, Safe Enviroment, 2 Hours class. focus on high percentage move from Thai Boxing, Judo, BJJ, Boxing. 20-30 minutes drills, Techniques taught in grappling and stand up striking/takedown The last 30 minutes grappling/sparring