An MMA Mount Escape and a New-To-Me Sweep

MMA Mount Escape

The last time I hung out with Denis Kang we shot a series of short videos on MMA techniques.

It’s rare to get an MMA fighter who wants to show you all his best techniques, but Denis is an awesome teacher as well as a great fighter.  That’s why I’ve received some great feedback about these mini-MMA-instructionals.

Today’s video is about a mount escape that’s gaining popularity in MMA.  The escape can lead into a fight-ending leglock, but even if your opponent manages to counter the leglock it still sets you up for a great sweep that gets you to the top (getting to, and staying in, the top position is critically important in MMA).

The sweep portion of this series was completely new to me. I’ve since tried it out on the mat and it works great, so check out this video (it’s just over one minute long).

Click here to view the same Mount Escape video on YouTube.

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