The Core Concepts of BJJ

The Core Concepts of BJJ Instructional App with Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki


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In BJJ Core Concepts you’ll learn how to hack Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and become an effective grappler much faster.

The ‘hacks’ you’ll be getting are actually the underlying concepts and principles of jiu-jitsu, the keys to the BJJ kingdom. You’ll start learning BJJ faster, retaining techniques better, moving more efficiently, and start beating bigger and more experienced people.

Jiu-jitsu isn’t some sort of magic and doesn’t require extreme strength, speed, or athleticism. Instead it’s a struggle between two people using positioning, leverage and momentum. The person who uses them best has a HUGE edge over his opponent.

No matter what position or situation you’re in on the ground, all techniques rely on concepts like base, posture, structure, leverage, framing, and control of momentum.

In BJJ Core Concepts you’ll learn how to apply these concepts directly to your grappling, with many concrete examples to shortcut your way to the top.



Jiu-jitsu can be complicated at first because there are thousands of different techniques including armlocks, chokes, sweeps, escapes, guard retention movements, guard passes, etc.

It’s certainly possible to learn BJJ by memorising more and more techniques – many people have done exactly that – but it’s a slow and inefficient process that takes years.

You’ll get better much faster if you start with an understanding of the underlying concepts and principles of grappling.

Once you know them you’ll start looking at BJJ techniques in a whole new way. No longer will the techniques be a long series of steps you need to memorise; instead they’ll become applications of the same few concepts again and again.

Take a look at what high level grapplers are doing…

Most of what makes these elite BJJ competitors so good is that they make minute adjustments to their body positioning on the fly, often without conscious thought. Usually these grapplers have achieved this understanding through years of training and competing with the elite of the sport.

BJJ Core Concepts gives you the formula for decoding and replicating exactly what’s happening with these elite level grapplers. Once you understand what’s going on in their ’hidden’ jiu-jitsu you’ll automatically start making the same adjustments in your own training.BJJ Core Concepts App

A Step-by-Step Method for Understanding the Mechanics, Positions and Techniques of BJJ by Using the Underlying Concepts of the Art 


Rob Biernacki is a BJJ black belt who has travelled extensively to compete and train with many of the top jiu-jitsu instructors active today.

Rob’s other BJJ instructional apps have been very popular and include

His ability to identify and teach the underlying principles of jiu-jitsu has made him a very popular seminar instructor, and many competitors have credited him for their critical competition breakthroughs.

Stephan Kesting is a BJJ black belt, a Combat Submission Wrestling instructor and the founder of He has been training in the striking, grappling, and weapons-oriented martial arts for over 30 years.

Stephan has helped thousands of grapplers improve their skills through his clear and easy-to-use instructional apps, DVDs, and online videos.  He has used all his experience to create the 4 BJJ Formula apps with Rob and make them available to grapplers everywhere.

In BJJ Core Concepts Rob and Stephan working together will teach you how to apply a principle-based approach to grappling.


  • BJJ Concepts AppYour scientific and systematic guide to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu focusing on the underlying principles and concepts of the art
  • This instructional video app contains one hour and 33 minutes of filler-free instruction
  • 2 BJJ black belts will go through the most important concepts of BJJ with you, breaking things down into bite-sized pieces to make it easier to learn and retain the material
  • You’ll get lots of concrete examples of these principles in action, so you’ll immediately be able to start using this material on the mats.
  • The material covered is applicable to BJJ, no gi submission grappling, MMA and self defense training
  • Downloads to your phone or tablet so that internet connection is NOT required to view the videos!
  • Plays on both your phone and your tablet, so you don’t need to buy different versions for each type of device


If you have 30 seconds then watch this video below.  It’ll give you a taste of exactly what’s on the app…

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