Dynamic Guard Sweeps

The Butterfly and X Guard

Guard sweeps get you from the bottom to the top in grappling situations. Sweeping an opponent is a very important, yet difficult, skill to master in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, submission grappling and mixed martial arts.

The butterfly guard is one of the most powerful ways to sweep your opponent. The X guard is a recent addition to the grappling arsenal, and transitions into the butterfly guard very smoothly.

In fact the butterfly guard is now one the most popular styles of guard in both gi and no gi competition. Every serious competitor needs at least a basic understanding of it, and many have made it their bread and butter style of offensive, attacking guard.

This instructional by BJJ black belt Stephan Kesting breaks down the butterfly and X guard games into easy-to-understand techniques, combinations and principles.

There are over 80 techniques, drills and combinations in this 2 hour (122 min) DVD, covering all aspects of the butterfly and X guard positions. The material is applicable to both gi and no-gi grapplers.

This two-hour DVD covers Butterfly Guard Sweeps, Counters, Combinations, Strategies, Setups, Drills, Submissions, Guard Retention and also includes Live Competition Footage


DVD Specifications

  • 122 minute (2 hours) of information-packed instruction
  • Multiple menus for easy navigation
  • Chapter marks for quick scanning
  • Professionally manufactured using pressed DVD technology
  • Region 0 encoding (to play in any country)

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Testimonials for Guard Sweeps DVD

“Dynamic Guard Sweeps by Stephan Kesting is excellent… this video breaks down both the butterfly-guard and X-guard variants together in one place – and that proves to make a big difference…”

“First of all, the service is excellent. I received my DVD within 36 hours.

Second the production value is very high. This is the best instructional I have seen with great lighting, sound with easy to navigate and definitive menus/sub menus! I hope this sets the standard.

Third, the instruction is clear and concise. I like how Stephan explains the concepts, demonstrates the move(s), options and then shows it in live sparring or competition. There is no endless repeat from 1000 angles; the DVD is packed with info, not fillers.

This morning, I did the first few sections with a partner. We watched the instruction, practised a few reps with little or no resistance and then did drills to enforce and emphasize the technique successfully. It was like going to a seminar!

Thanks Stephan, hopefully you will continue to produce more instructionals like this in the future.

posted on www.mma.tv (06/16/04 10:00 AM)

“You’ve put way too much material onto this DVD – you could have put it onto 3 separate DVDs!!!”

Combat Submission Wrestling Coach
BJJ Purple Belt

“Just been watching a bit more of this DVD. Damn, just when you think you’re getting some game someone comes along and shows you that you don’t know shit. There is so much cool stuff on this disc, much of which has never been shown in this detail before. Great work Stephan.”

Nathan Leverton

“I’ve already watched the Sweeps DVD and the Kneebar DVD, and they’re awesome! I especially like the organization of the Kneebar one (the breakdown by action). In the morning I will see some Omoplatas!”

posted on www.mma.tv (06/27/04 10:59 PM)

“I should mention that I’ve watched each of the DVDs ONCE so far. The day after watching the kneebar DVD, I hit 5 kneebars in training. 3 of them were on the same person, who is also a blue belt (and loves kneebars).

I also use the butterfly guard a lot, but had not seen Stephan’s version of the sideways sweep before (in which he places his foot underneath and pushes off). I used that yesterday to sweep a student who is usually “unsweepable.” He’s MUCH bigger than I am (at 6’2″ and a stripped down 220 lbs), and wrestled most of his life before starting BJJ. He’s going to test for his blue soon. Sweeping him strongly was a big victory for me!”

posted on www.mma.tv (07/08/04 10:12 AM)

“This is Stephans best work yet and because this is an area were I often struggle, it’s probably the most valuable DVD I now possess…”

Butterfly Guard SweepGotta say… I´ve seen 95% of the mma/bjj nstructionals out there, and this one is easily one of the best out there…
Got my dvd to Europe in under a week from ordering. I´ve ordered from all the major names, and this is best service I´ve ever had.

Like the guy above said – great use of the dvd format with menus and submenus. Makes finding your techniques a breeze.

Comes in a very nice and professionally looking DVD case. A big step up from some other expensive dvds out there that come in flimsy cd sleeves…

Great FUNCTIONAL techniques from start to end. Beats all the other butterfly guard and X-Guard instructionals out there for practical techniques and quality in instruction. And I´ve seen them all…

I consider myself a good two stripe purple belt with Brasa Jiu-Jitsu (former Master Team), and have trained with lots of world champion blackbelts. This is the best instruction I have ever had on the subjects of butterfly guard and x-guard!

posted on www.mma.tv (06/18/04 12:44 PM)

“Great DVD. If you’ve seen the other Kesting DVDs, you know how well organized the information will be, and that the production values are first rate.

The content in this video is just plain sweet. Very much a mind-expanding experience for the butterfly guard. Lots of stuff that I haven’t seen before. I have to say that I used to see the butterfly guard as an inferior guard postion. The one to go to if I wanted to have my guard passed (and I’m considered a guard player). But there is a lot of great material here for creating a really complete, effective butterfly guard that can be integrated into the rest of your guard game.

I also really liked how the concepts in the butterfly guard portions of the tape feed into the x-guard section. The x-guard is not something I have played with a significant amount, and I’m glad to have the tools in hand to start working it.

And man, is this one LONG video. There is a ton of info on a single DVD. Everybody should be packing their DVDs with info like this. No fluff, no filler, and over 2 hours. Sweet.

17 year martial art veteran
BJJ Blue belt

“Way to go Stephan!!! I just got Stephan’s new dvd and its awesome.

As always, the information is laid out well and is very detailed. Steph is all about the details. This is not just a technique tape, it is priciple/concept driven. There are new entries to a number of butterfly and x-guard sweeps that I hadn’t seen before. Some really good drills I have not seen before. but the best thing about this dvd are the details.

At training today i got off 3 X-guard sweeps on very competitive blue belts. My butterfly guard had new life and brought me to the top a few times. This stuff is working on guys that are savy.


Posted on www.mma.tv (06/13/04 11:49 PM)

“Simply put, there is” NO SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALITY INSTRUCTION” and Stephan has that base covered in his new DVD Dynamic Guard Sweeps.”

Senior Full Instructor Progressive Fighting Systems
Black Belt BJJ under Megaton Dias

guard sweep 8

“I just finished watching my copy of this DVD for the 2nd time. There really is a TON of info on it. I can’t wait to get to the gym today work on some of the skills. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to add (or improve) the Butterfly/X-Guard into their grappling game. Disclaimer: Yes Stephan Kesting is a friend of mine, but I wouldn’t post this if it wasn’t true. His material needs no false compliments.

Canada’s Best Karate
Kingston, Ont.

“I just got Stephan Kesting’s new DVD”Dynamic Guard Sweeps vol 1: Butterfly and X-Guard”. It’s pretty cool.

He shows 6 different sweeps in 4 directions (normal sweeps, reverse, forwards and backwards) for the Butterfly guard in a very easy to understand and clear manner. He discusses the most common mistakes and “what if your opponent does this” scenarios. Then he shows how to transition in “X” guard, and how to play with your opponents balance and work sweeps.

The dvd is similiar layout to his “Dynamic Kneebars” dvd (which is excellent if you have not seen it). It has footage of techniques in action, and a slick technique menu to jump to what you want fast.

I’ve gleaned bits of these details of these sweeps before on other dvds(like Mario Sperry,Marcelo Garcia and Roy Harris), but this is the first time I saw all of those details on one dvd. And Stephan goes farther into detail, believe it or not.

I’m not connected to him at all…I just wanted to get the word out that this is an excellent source. If you like Mario Sperry, Marcelo Garcia, etc instructional tapes than you’ll like this one.”

posted on www.subfighter.com

On Sale for $44.95

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