I’m Alive and I Didn’t Get Double Armbarred…


A reader recently asked me “I haven’t heard from you in a long time. Did you get double arm-barred and can’t type?”

I’m glad that both my arms are great and I can type just fine! It’s a valid question though, and since other people are probably also wondering what’s been going on I thought I’d take a moment to answer it for everyone.

The reason this newsletter has been a little less active than usual is because I’ve been finishing up my Online Grappling Concepts Course.

When I briefly opened up registration for this course last September hundreds of grapplers signed up right away. And for the past 6 months my main focus – one might say my ‘obsession’ – has been to create the very best experience I can for the participants.

But now most of the heavy lifting of actually creating and distributing the course material (online videos, mp3 files, written materials and DVDs) is done.

I haven’t decided whether, or even if, I’ll ever release the course again. But the main thing is that it’s been a great experience putting this stuff together, and I’m gratified by the tons of rave reviews from the course participants.

So I’m not dead yet! And now I’ll have (a little) more time to work on other aspects of Grapplearts and concentrate on my own training!!

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