Training BJJ, Kicked out of Karate, Meeting Rick Flair, and the Movie ‘Logan’ with Masters World Champion James ‘300’ Foster

BJJ Black Belt Masters World Champion James '300' Foster

I think you’ll like this Grapplearts Radio Podcast episode!  

In it I talk to 280 lb BJJ Masters World Champion James ‘300’ Foster who was fresh back from a pre Pan-Ams California training trip.

logan-clawsSome of the things we talk about include…

  • Getting kicked our of Karate after starting BJJ,
  • The process of finding the correct mix of training that works best for you,
  • Cutting weight in BJJ,
  • How to train successfully with smaller and/or less skilled students,
  • ‘Modern’ BJJ techniques and old Judo,
  • Meeting The Nature Boy Rick Flair
  • The movie Logan and our favourite comic books.

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James Foster and Rick Flair

James Foster Academy Website – Personal Website
Academy Facebook Page – Athlete Facebook Page

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