Life in Hollywood North, and an Important Article


I’ve got to be quick with this blog post. We’ve been in studio almost continuously for three days, filming what might be my most ambitious video project ever.

And we’ve got to get back at it really soon. (I’m super excited about this project btw. I think it’s going to be incredibly useful to a lot of people. I’ll share some pictures from the shoot with you soon.)

But before I run out and get back to filming, I want to share a very informative article with you.

Most grapplers are a little worried about yucky ringworm and staph infections. And rightly so.  Skin infections are unsightly, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. Ringworm is itchy and difficult to get rid of. And a full blown staph infection can be downright dangerous…

Now there are a lot of anecdotal solutions and home remedies floating around out there on the internet and on the mat.

Some people say that using anti-dandruff shampoo on your whole body after training will help. Others swear by tea tree oil. Or burning ringworm off your body with straight bleach – if this works then it may be a case where the cure is worse than the disease…

I’ve even heard that I should pee on my feet in the shower after every training session to kill germs!!!

But when it comes to preventing skin infections in a grappling context, what does the science actually say?

Well, here’s a little Q&A on that very topic that I think you should check out. It’s called “A Microbiologist’s Take on BJJ.”  Lots of interesting stuff here, including the single best thing you can do NOT to get infected, and why you SHOULD wash your belt…

Here’s the raw link:

Take care, wash lots, talk soon

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