Marcus Soares – Kimura from Open Guard


Marcus Soares demonstrates the Kimura from the Open Guard

Kimura lock from open guard photos 1 and 2

Photo 1 – This time your opponent is standing in your open guard and trying to pass it. Start with a sleeve and lapel grip, with one foot pushing your opponent’s hip and the other hooking behind his knee. Keep your opponent bent over to limit his ability to move or mount an offence.

Photo 2 – If your opponent grips your knee then you know that he is probably going to try to push it down to the floor and pass your guard. Quickly switch your grips so that you are controlling the wrist of the hand on the knee and the lapel closest to that side.

Open guard chickenwing lock photos 3 and 4

Photo 3 – Swing the foot that was pushing his hip over his head and shoulder and insert that instep under his leg. Keep on pulling his wrist so that it almost comes close to the floor to prevent him from easily countering your attack. You might feel pretty awkward at this point but don’t worry; you are very close to getting him to tap.

Photo 4 – Now figure-four your arms to totally trap his arm. This limits the amount of movement in his arm and his ability to escape.

The completed kimura or chickenwing lock photo 5

Photo 5 – This photo clearly shows how your feet and legs are hooking both of his legs. Use a scissoring action to stretch his legs, completely off-balancing him. He is now in a position where it only takes a tiny movement of your arms and hips to apply the Kimura lock.

For more information on the Kimura submission (and Marcus Soares) check out the Mastering the Kimura article on this site.

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