MMA Ground and Pound

MMA Elbow

Here’s a short MMA video I recently shot with my friend Denis Kang.   He’s a very knowledgeable fighter, and I wanted him to share some insights on the ground and pound aspect of MMA.

Like it or not, striking people inside their closed guard is part of the game.  Hitting someone in the head repeatedly is probably the best way to get them to open up their guard, and you can even finish the fight from there sometimes.

What I found most informative was his breakdown of the two main types of elbows in MMA ground and pound.  Even if you don’t train MMA I think this video could add a whole new slant to your armchair quarterbacking when you watch the next UFC.

And of course all this is quite relevant to self-defense training as well…

Click here to view the same Ground and Pound video on YouTube!

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