No cauliflower for you!


Some grapplers think that cauliflower ears are a status symbol.

Others think that it’s gross.

Some people can train for 20 years and still have perfectly shaped ears.

Others need to wear headgear all the time or their ears start getting lumpier and lumpier.

But regardless of which camp you fall into, you need to know what cauliflower ears are, how to recognize it and what to do about it if you think they may be starting.

The most important thing is to be on the lookout for that special feeling of soreness in your ears after training.

Once you feel this – beware!   Even if your ears aren’t actually swollen, that soreness means you’ve got to take it easy and wear protection for a little while or you probably WILL get a full blown case of ear mangling.

There’s a ton more info about prevention and treatment of cauliflower ear in this article here.

Pass this article on for me, OK?  Everyone admire’s Randy Couture’s work ethic and warrior spirit, but not everyone wants his ears!!!

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