Spider Guard Masterclass 5 – Invincible Spider Guard: Your Guard Retention and Pass Prevention Blueprint

A Complete Gameplan for Shutting Down Your Opponent’s Guard Passing Attempts!

This app presents you with all the techniques you need to defend your guard against even the most determined guard passer.

You’ll get a complete gameplan and detailed step-by-step techniques for maintaining Spider Guard against high level opponents who are trying to pass your guard.

The regular price for this app is $19.99, but because it’s a new release it’s on sale for half price.  This week you can grab it for only $9.99, which is a fantastic deal for this level, quality and quantity of instruction. But hurry, because after this initial new release period the price will be doubling.

In this final instalment of the 5 app series of five apps you’ll get simple yet incredibly effective tricks, techniques and tactics to prevent the most popular, most powerful passes used in competition these days.

First you’ll learn the deceptively simple grip and hook retention ‘cheats’ that shut down the guard pass before it starts, but you’ll also get powerful techniques to recover the guard even when your opponent is almost past your legs.  This app will save you years of frustration trying to figure all this stuff out on your own.

Volume 5 of Spider Guard Masterclass is simply the most detailed, comprehensive, and useful resource on guard retention and guard pass prevention ever produced.  Check out what’s covered below!

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About The Spider Guard

The Spider Guard is one of the most important positions of modern BJJ. If used correctly it’s incredibly difficult for someone to pass your guard, and you can use it to launch a huge assortment of powerful sweeps and attacks to keep your opponents on the run.

The Spider Guard is the favourite tool of many BJJ champions and top competitors including Cobrinha, Keenan Cornelius, Tinguinha, Draculino, Romulo Barral, Marcelino Freitas, Michael Langhi and Leandro Lo.

But now, for the first time, in the Grapplearts Spider Guard Masterclass series of apps you can have an exact blueprint for this essential BJJ position.

About Your Teachers

Your instructors are BJJ black belts Elliott Bayev and Stephan Kesting, known for their friendly and informative teaching styles. Together they have spent over 50 years  in the martial arts, and 40 years of experience teaching.

Their approach to the Spider Guard will make it easy for you to learn and absorb the material, and then unleash it on your training partners and opponents in competition.


  • The exact techniques and strategies used by world champions to dominate their matches using the Spider Guard.
  •  84 minutes of solid, filler-free, video instruction in just this one app!
  • All the footage has been professionally filmed and edited for maximum ease of learning
  • The app includes complete menus for easy navigation
  • The app is designed to download to your phone or iPad; an internet connection is NOT required to view the videos
  • The same app plays on both your phone and your tablet, so you don’t need to buy different versions for each type of device

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Here’s an excerpt from this fifth Spider Guard Masterclass app, aptly called ‘Invincible Spider Guard.’

As we said above, the focus of this app is a systematic breakdown of how to counter all the most likely guard passes you are going to run into when you’ve got your opponent in your open guard.

The following is a very detailed blueprint for defeating the ‘leg shuck’ pass which is becoming very popular in competition these days. But there are similar breakdowns for other guard passes as well, including the Bullfighter Pass, the X Guard Pass, de la Riva Guard Passes, and much more…

Black Belt Guard Passing and Guard Pass Counter Techniques


BJJ Spider Guard App for iOS and Android - arm drag

Intro to Guard Pass Counters

Intro to Sideways Spider Guard Twist Down Hook Strip


  • Toe Point
  • Roleta/Slingshot
  • Stomping Omoplata
  • Rotate to Superarmbar
  • Leandro Lo Grip

Intro to Sideways Spider Guard Twist Up Hook Strip


  • Heel Point
  • Leg Pullaway & Reset
  • Spin to Armbar
  • Leandro Lo Grip
  • Situp & Stiffarm vs Shuck

Intro to Sideways Spider Guard Knee Spike Hook Strip


  • Side Switch
  • Roleta Sweep
  • Roleta Pressure to Reset

Intro to Sideways Spider Guard Knee Pike Hook Strip


  • Side Switch
  • Hip Lift to Side Switch
  • Romulo Center Hook & Shin to Shin Triangle

Intro to Sideways Spider Guard Leg Stomp Hook Strip


  • Side Switch
  • Hip Kick & Reloop

Intro to Centered Spider Guard Twist Down Hook Strip


  • Toe Point
  • Roleta Sweep / Lumberjack Combo
  • Shin Check
  • Shoulder Check
  • Transition to Spider X
  • Cross Bicep Catch

Intro to Centered Spider Guard Double Rainbow Pass


  • Heavy Legs & Reloop
  • Shoulder Walk
  • Toe Post
  • Roll to Knees
  • Knees to Chest

Intro to Centered Spider Guard Double Underscoop Pass


  • Heel Point
  • Shoulder Walk
  • Toe Post
  • Rolling Guard Pull

Intro to Centered Spider Guard Forced Sitting Guard Passes


  • William’s Sit
  • Armdrag / Arm Shuck
  • Break Grips & Spider Pull
  • Collar Drag

Intro to de la Riva Guard Passes


  • Shoulder Push / Lasso
  • Forced Walk to Reset
  • Transition to Reverse de la Riva
  • Pre-emptive Berimbolo
  • Knee Shield Space Creation
  • Reverse Half Guard Sweep
  • Elbow Post to Back

Intro to the X Pass / Bullfighter Pass


  • Spin Under
  • Shin Check

Intro to the Leg Drag Guard Pass


  • Reloop
  • Collar Push
  • Forearm Push
  • Guillotine

Intro to the Leg Shuck Guard Pass


  • Situp & Sleeve Push
  • Elbow Post & Shin Check
  • Granby vs Wrist Grip Switch
  • Reloop vs Pant Grip Granby Counter

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