Sprawl Counter vs. Double Leg Tackle


If you try a sloppy takedown in MMA you could end up paying a hefty price.  Here’s how your takedown gone wrong might go down…

White and Black face off; Black telegraphs his wrestling background by keeping his hands low.
Counter to double leg tackle 1
White throws a right cross, Black ducks, level changes…
Sprawling vs Double leg takedown 2
…and starts to shoot in. White steps back a bit to create some space…
Using the sprawl to counter a double 3
…and sprawls his feet back, blocking Black’s shoulder with his own forearm.
After the sprawl 4
Now that Black’s forward momentum is stopped White delivers a powerful knee to the head…
Knee strikes counter the double leg shoot 5
…and follows up with a knee on belly position and a flurry of punches.
Kneemount and punch after defending the double leg tackle with a sprawl 6
For more background on how MMA mixes striking, wrestling and the ground please read The MMA Formula, which is the parent article for this technique.

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