Stirring Up a Hornet’s Nest


Boy, was there a lot of feedback after my last post! When I wrote about Kesa Gatame being both a valid and an unorthodox attack position, long heated discussions broke out on several grappling forums and quite a few people even contacted me with quite a diverse set of responses:

  • A lot of people agree with me (which is always nice to hear).
  • Others insist that Kesa Gatame is easy to counter (I can only say that they’ve never had it applied on them ‘in anger’).
  • Some people argue that it’s not an unorthodox position at all, and that it’s a fundamental Judo position (true, but it’s NOT a typical BJJ position).
  • And there’s a selection of grapplers who are upset with me because I’ve spilled the beans about one of their favorite positions (what can I say, that’s my job…).

Oh well, I wonder what they’ll all think about my next article on “Offside” Kesa Gatame…


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