The Omoplata vs the Marceloplata vs the Baratoplata


Here’s a 12 minute tutorial I just put out breaking down two really cool variations of the Omoplata armlock which is one of my all-time favourite techniques.

The first variation is called the ‘Marceloplata’ – it’s named after superstar grappler Marcelo Garcia who popularised this technique.  The Marceloplata is a great option to use when you’ve almost finalised a regular Omoplata but your opponent has managed to stall your attack by locking down one of your legs.

This will not be a problem anymore after you learn the Marceloplata!

The second variation is the ‘Baratoplata’ which was created by BJJ black belt Rafael Barato.  It looks like a bicep lock, which would be illegal, but it’s actually doesn’t attack that part of the arm at all.

I guarantee that if you catch someone in the Baratoplata their response will be, “what the hell was that?!?”  But this is actually a pretty high percentage technique that I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the future.

You’ll see what I mean in the video below.  Hope you enjoy it!

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