3 Kneebars You Need to Know!


The kneebar is one of my favorite submissions. But I studied it for years before it became a ‘go to’ move.

Some of my major leglocking influences includede Erik Paulson, Oleg Taktarov and Marcus Soares. Each of these teachers contributed important pieces of the puzzle.

How the Kneebar Saved the Day!

And each person I trained with also had their own entries to get into the kneebar position.

In fact, it’s incredible how many ways you can hit this submission. Whether you’re on top, on bottom, in a good position or in a wild scramble – you can slap the kneebar on from just about anywhere.

The large number of entries and setups can intimidate many leglocking newbies…

But one of my biggest leglock breakthroughs was realizing there are only three primary ways to get into the kneebar!

That’s right; most of the 50+ entries into the kneebar are just just variations on one of three themes…

So here, in the super-popular comicbook format, are the three kneebar entries you need to know if you want to master this match-winning leglock.

The Rolling Kneebar

Click here to open our comic-format instructional on ‘The Three Fundamental Kneebars You Need to Know!


Stephan Kesting


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