BJJ Self Defense Part 3: The Street Guard


If you’ve been reading my emails and training in grappling then, by this point, you’re going to be quite familiar with the guard.

In some ways it’s the iconic BJJ position.

But do you know WHY it’s such an integral part of BJJ? Why do we focus on this position so much? And why would we ever want to be lying on our backs on the pavement in a streetfight?

This video explains some of these vexing questions…

Regardless of what any urban combat ‘experts’ say, you HAVE to master the long range open guard for street self defense.

In BJJ Self Defense, Lesson 3 (the video below) I discuss how to make space, how to safely track a circling opponent, and even how you can use the guard to defend against a weapon like a stick or a knife!

So I’m not exaggerating when I say that the information in the video below could potentially save your life!

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