Podcast EP3: Erik Paulson; an MMA Master Coach Shares His Secrets


Erik Paulson is an MMA Master Coach.  He’s trained tons of fighters competing at the highest levels of Mixed Martial Arts.  And he held the Shooto light-heavyweight title in Japan for 5 years.

He’s also my friend and a mentor.

Recently I asked my newsletter readers if there was something in particular you wanted to ask Erik.  (Hey, if you were signed up for the FREE Grappling Tips newsletter you’d have been able to ask questions too!).

Anyway, within 5 minutes the email floodgates opened and the deluge of questions started.  At last count there were more than 500 questions in the queue…

We just finished getting the interview ready for you!  Here’s just a bit of what Erik shares:

  • What training with the Gracies in their ‘garage days’ was like
  • How wrestling can improve your BJJ, and visa versa
  • The theory of the jiu-jitsu wheel
  • The strategic and tactical differences between catchwrestling and BJJ
  • The key to rapid-fire submission attacks
  • Erik’s philosophy on training with and without the gi
  • What’s the best time to attack with leglocks
  • Leglock safety tips
  • How to develop a fighter’s gameplan
  • Tips for defeating larger, stronger opponents
  • What training with Brock Lesnar is like
  • The best conditioning exercises for fighting and grappling
  • A glaring weakness (and fantastic opportunity) in today’s MMA game

There are at least three ways you can listen to this interview:

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I hope you get as much out of it as I did!

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