Get Off the Ground!!!

Once you get good at Brazilian jiu-jitsu the ground will be your happy place.  Rolling around and hunting for submissions will feel as natural as walking!

But there’s a time and a place for everything…

Spending a long time on the ground in a street self-defense situation might not be the best idea.  And getting back to your feet from the guard is an option that MMA fighters simply need to have in their repertoire.

So even if you love groundfighting, you ALSO need to know how to get the heck off the ground.

There are right ways and there are wrong ways to get back to your feet.  Here’s a link to my article which breaks down some of your best options for how to get back to your feet properly.

Make sure you check it out – it’s a really important article.  And feel free to forward this email or the article link to your training partners so that they can read it too.

Also, for an in-depth analysis of different techniques, strategies and drills to get off the ground and back to your feet check out my Mixed Martial Arts DVD.  It’s NOT just about MMA – there’s a ton of stuff on it that’s directly relevant to self defense too!

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