Grapplearts T Shirt Contest


Hey, we’re having another Grapplearts T Shirt Giveaway! This time three lucky readers are going to get a coveted Grapplearts T shirt shipped directly to their home!

What you need to do to be eligible is to submit a Grappling, BJJ or MMA picture for the Grapplearts Featured Photo Page in the next 7 days.
If your photo meets our guidelines (see below) then we’ll post it to that page AND on the Grapplearts Facebook page.

This is a great opportunity to show off your photographic chops, plus if you run a school or an event

Then in mid September we’ll pick the top three photos and send those lucky people their very own Grapplearts T Shirt!

IMPORTANT: here are the rules for submitting a picture…

1) You can submit a photo of training, sparring, or competition. And your photo can be from BJJ, MMA, Judo, Sambo, Wrestling, or any other martial art that involves grappling

2) Please no photos of you simply standing beside grappling celebrities at a seminar. I have those photos in my albums too, but they’re not terribly interesting for anyone else. Plus I have ADHD, so there has to be some action going on.

3) Your picture needs to have a minimum height or width of 500 pixels (i.e. 500 pixels by 400 pixels is fine, as are larger photos).

4) Please include a suggestion title/caption as well as some information about when and where the photo was taken. It is OK to include the url of your school, an MMA event, etc, but we’ll delete any reference to your herbal male enhancement site instantly.

5) You have to have the rights to the photo, i.e. you can’t copy it from the UFC website and send it to me. I like watching the UFC and if Dana White and I end up in a celebrity deathmatch then I can’t promise that the sport will be able to continue…

6) Send the photo as an attachment along by going to this page on Grapplearts and following the instructions!

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