How to Open a Stubborn Closed Guard


Passing the guard and establishing a stable position is maybe the single hardest thing to do in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

You can know a ton of guard passing techniques, but what if you’re in the Closed Guard and can’t start your pass because your opponent absolutely refuses to open up his legs.  He just keeps you in his guard with his ankles crossed and wears you down with his wickedly strong legs, relentless attacks, and incredible determination to never-ever uncross his ankles.

And if the guy is bigger than you then that makes everything so much worse!

In the following video my friend Ostap Manastyrski shares some of his very best tips for cracking open a stubborn Closed Guard.  These are subtle adjustments that can make a world of difference, making it really difficult for your opponent to sweep you and also virtually impossible for him to keep his ankles crossed.

Watch the video, train the details, and then try it all out on that Closed Guard dude who gives you fits every time you spar with him.  Maybe this time it’ll be different!

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