Marcus Soares – Kimura from Mount


Here’s how the Kimura can help you transition from the Closed Guard, to the Mount, and then to your opponent tapping out.

mount kimura photos 1 and 2

Photo 1 – If your opponent is quick he may be able to counter your Kimura from the guard by posting his foot and grabbing his pants. You may be able to simply rip his grip free from his gi pants if you are stronger or he is sloppy, but the following is a more elegant solution to the problem.

Photo 2 – Post your hand on the floor behind you, keeping his arm wrapped. You are now in a position to apply the hip buck sweep by sitting up and twisting in the direction of the entangled arms.

mounted chickenwing lock photos 3 and 4

Photo 3 – You should now end up in the mount position. The mount is not a typical position from which to apply a Kimura, but here is a way to do it.

Photo 4 – Keep the Kimura grip firmly on your opponent’s arm. Now bring your near knee up into your opponent’s armpit and post your head on the ground to base. Now you can step your other leg up and over his head. Hook his head with your calf – you may have to crank on his arm a little bit to lift his head off the ground.

finalized mounted kimura photo 5

Photo 5 – Finally roll over your shoulder, ending up with your back on the ground, one leg over his body, another over his head, and his arm firmly locked in a Kimura.

For more information on the Kimura submission (and Marcus Soares) check out the Mastering the Kimura article on this site.

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