Strikes on the Ground


You’re walking down the street, someone bumps you, words are exchanged, you get pushed to the ground, and now some big gorilla is trying to knock your teeth down your throat.  No matter how focused you are on the sportive aspects of grappling you’ve still GOTTA know how to defend strikes on the ground!!!  

It doesn’t matter if your goal is casual recreation or if you wanna be the next UFC champ…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got three pairs Chuck Liddell signature series UFC gloves, or if you wouldn’t be caught dead in a Tapout beanie…

This grappling stuff is a lot of fun, but it is still a martial art.

And that means knowing how to apply your techniques in a self defense situation when someone might be trying to rearrange your face with wild haymakers.

Click here to open our comic-format instructional on how to defend strikes on the ground!

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