Technique 3: Scissor sweep to Omoplata


The scissor sweep is one of the very first sweeps most BJJ students learn. And it’s a legit technique, but even if your opponent counters it then it can still be used to set up a great omoplata attack…

Scissor sweep to Omo Plata photo 1 Stephan has his opponent in his closed guard, and uses the basic closed guard grip on his opponent’s left side
Stephan opens his guard, shifts his hips, puts his left shin across his opponent’s belly, and tries a basic scissor sweep. His opponent posts his left arm on the ground to avoid getting swept.
Scissor sweep to Umo Plata photo 3 Seizing the opportunity, Stephan swings his head and torso to the right. Simultaneously he shoots his right leg up under his opponent’s left armpit and pushes his face away with his left hand. Note that Stephan maintains control of his opponent’s left arm
Scissor sweep to UmoPlata photo 4 Stephan triangles his legs to trap his opponent’s arm and shoulder, and prepares to sit up, which will complete the Omo Plata shoulder lock.

For more techniques and background on this attack check out the article “Revolutionary Omoplata.”

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