What is the Closed Guard?

what is the closed guard

Here’s a short 1:30 minute video breakdown of me explaining the basics of the closed guard.

And just to keep things interesting I also throw in my single best tip about how to maintain the closed guard, shut down your opponent’s guard pass attempts and put you in a position to successfully launch your own attacks.

Now if this is a little too basic for you then hold your horses!  Just like a strong building requires a strong foundation, your guard game requires a strong foundation too.  And you’d be amazed at the number of BJJ blue belts (and even some purple belts) who routinely screw up some of the things we talk about in this video.

If you want to see what you can do once you’ve established the closed guard correctly you can check the app from which the video on this page is excerpted.  It’s called ‘Grapplearts Guard Sweeps’, it has easy-to-follow step by step breakdowns of 26 of my favorite sweeps, and it’s available in several different formats:

And you can also check out the archive of closed guard techniques and articles on Grapplearts.com

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