A Drill To Improve ANY Guard Sweep

Today I’m not going to talk about a technique per se.  Instead I’m going to share a cool training method with you. (Training methods are the ways in which you practice, hone and internalize the techniques you’re learning.  They are as important, if not more important, than the techniques themselves!)

OK, so I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times: repetition is a critical part of getting better at BJJ…

But the problem is that repetition can be boring, and requires a certain type of stick-to-it-ness from your training partners.  People like this can be tough to find – apparently there are a lot of bright, shiny, and distracting objects in most BJJ classes…

So anything that makes repetition easier and faster is a good thing, right?

Well I just shot a short, guerilla-style video on a training method you can use to rep the crux move of any guard sweep you like.  I use this exact same drill all the time when I’m trying to get learn a new sweep, or blow the dust off of an old favorite.

Give this drill a try the next time you’re on the mat!

To see the same Improve Any Guard Sweep video on YouTube, click here!

P.S. Are you at a loss about what guard sweeps you should be working on?

Well I’ve produced an entire guard-game-in-a-box you should check out.  I get a ton of great feedback on these DVDs all the time, so I know for a fact that they’ve helped a LOT of grapplers!

Here’s the link for more info:  www.grapplearts.com/Guard-Sweep-DVDs.php

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