An Advanced Submission used at the Highest Level


I thought that this was just too cool not to share…

A few years ago my friend Matt Kirtley sent me a breakdown of the rolling reverse omoplata.  This advanced technique looks pretty fancy but I can vouch for it because I’ve used it on some very saavy training partners.

But be warned: it’s a VERY powerful submission.  It comes on pretty quickly and I’ve seen several people hurt by it, so use it with caution.

If you can’t control your roll then please don’t use it.  Maybe just go through it once or twice in slow motion so that you learn to recognize it when it’s being set up on you.

I leave the decision about what to do with this technique up to you…

But regardless of whether you decide to make it part of your arsenal, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the reverse omoplata technique.

(If you want more applications and variations of the reverse omo plata then make sure you check out the links at the bottom of that page, because they take you to some other really cool techniques).

Now here comes the cool part!

I was watching the 2011 Sambo World Championships Finals, and guess which technique popped up?

That’s right!  The reverse, rolling omo plata applied with exactly the same leg movements and slightly different grips actually decided the final match between these two highly skilled and very athletic grapplers:

You can see the relatively short match below:

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