Gi vs No Gi: Solved Once and For All?

Gi vs no-gi, I don’t think the debate will ever die.

I wrote about this topic first in 2004, arguing that most gi-based grapplers should do at least a little bit of no gi grappling, and visa versa.  In sports, as in life, spending time outside your comfort zone really accelerates your growth!

Then I came back to the subject in 2009 and suggested that grapplers with an interest in both aspects of the art but with limited training time should focus on making most of their game as transferable as possible between the two disciplines.

And just yesterday I uploaded a new video with a concrete example of a class of techniques that translate very well between gi and no-gi.  And I share the most common mistake people make when attempting this otherwise high-percentage guard sweep.

The whole gi vs no gi thing is pretty clear in my mind: do both and develop a game that’s somewhat transferable from gi to no gi. But no matter what I say, this gi vs no gi debate will probably go on forever.

Share your current thinking on the whole gi vs no gi debate in the comment section below the video!

See this same Gi vs. No Gi video on YouTube by clicking here!

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